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Holland Lop Rabbit Facts, Size, Lifespan and Care.

What’s a Holland Lop? by Laurie Stroupe. Holland Lops are the best rabbits in the world, of course! But I suppose you want me to support my conclusion with some information. Oh, okay. First of all, Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop-eared rabbits, smaller than lops and even mini lops. Note that the Miniature Lop, found in the UK can be slightly smaller than the Dutch and it is not the same as the American Mini Lop. Holland Lop lifespan is 7 and 12 years. The average Holland Lop lifespan is 7 to 12 years. Some bunnies can live as little as five years while others can live up to 15 years. Mini Lop and Holland Lop at first glance look similar, but they are two different breeds. The biggest difference between them is their size. That’s an obvious one. Mini lop is almost twice the size of the Holland lop. Comparison chart: Mini lop vs Holland lop. Holland Lop History. According to the brief history on the website of the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club and the book “Domestic Rabbits And Their Histories” by Bob Whitman, this breed took more than a decade to develop. Adrian de Cock, a rabbit breeder in Holland, began the process in 1949.

The Holland Lop owes its development to Adriann de Cock who through a lot of trial and error, cross-breeding and selective breeding for various litters of his attempts to improve on the French Lop. He managed to have a few specimens ready for presentation. "The Holland Lop Haven" for fun videos of our bunnies!: Welcome to the Holland Lop Haven! We breed and sell quality Holland Lops for either pets or breeders. All of our rabbits are kept in clean, healthy environments in which they can be healthy and thrive.

All Holland Lops come with a birth certificate or full pedigree upon request. Ellie’s Rabbitry enjoys producing unique colors and Holland Lop varieties. All stock come from impressive show lines, but keep in mind not all of the colors produced at Ellie’s Rabbitry are showable. Mini lop, Holland lop, American fuzzy lop, French lop, and the English lop. there are other kinds of lops like the lion lop the velvet lop and the micro lop but those lops are not recognized by the ARBA American rabbit breeders association's. Holland lops and mini lops are two somewhat similarly named yet distinct breeds of domesticated rabbits. Both breeds are notable for their diminutive size, which is even reflected in the mini lop name. Although they have some differences, they share lots of things in. Daisy the Holland Lop. 541 likes. I'm Daisy Ortiz. I'm a rescued rabbit, widowed twice, and a uterine cancer survivor. On December 28, 2013, I hopped.

Why Holland Lop?-Holland Lops are a great starter bunny. They are very sweet and smart rabbits making them easy to train. The Holland Lops range in weight from 2-4 lbs which makes a perfect size to have inside the home. As with conformation classes for any animal, Holland Lop rabbits entered at shows are competing against an ideal. At shows, various parts of the body are awarded points by the judge, with the total adding up to 100. The perfect Holland Lop would score 100. The best loved pet Holland Lop bunnies for sale in NJ! Our beautiful Holland Lops are raised with love from birth and have begun litter training to make wonderful pets and great house rabbits.We also raise Miniature Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf goats and Shetland sheep..

Holland Lop habitat size facts history and images.

The Holland Lop is classified under two groups, based on the patterns of its fur coat, and divided between solid and broken patterns. A solid pattern means the rabbit has just one color throughout its body while a broken pattern indicates patches of two or more colors on the rabbit. The Holland Lop will thump its feet when feeling scared? Really? That's exclusive to Holland Lops? How the heck did Adriann de Cock breed that behavior into them? Also, the entire pet care section should be taken out, as none of the suggestions apply exclusively to Holland Lops. Heck, the entire article should be deleted. Meet the smallest breed of Rabbits with lop ears, the Holland Lop. Discover the difference between Holland Lops, Dwarf Lops, Mini Lops and find out why Holland Lops are such popular companions. In a broken-colored Holland Lop, they are about 50% white and 50% the other recognized color. If a broken buck is bred to a broken doe, 25% over time, you will get a Charlie rabbit. A Charlie is mostly white in color, say 75-90% with just a few markings of the other color. Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club. Join the HLRSC to start sharing your passion for the Holland Lop with others and you’ll receive a FREE subscription to the Hollander magazine, the premiere publication of.

The Holland Lop Specialty Club maintains pins, clothing, pedigrees and other supplies which feature the Holland Lop Club logo. The clubs is very involved in promoting Holland Lops and their breeders and we invite your membership and ongoing participation. The small lop-eared rabbit known today as the Holland Lop is the result of experimental breedings by Adriann de Cock, of Tilburg, the Netherlands aka Holland. As a French Lop and Dwarf enthusiast, De Cock understood that the French Lop’s size 15 pounds was a hindrance to its popularity and felt it’s sweet disposition might be better. HOLLAND LOP STANDARD OF PERFECTION Holland Lop Standard of Perfection. Groups:. Holland Lops should not be pushed down with the forelegs flat on the table. Holland Lops are generally of an excitable nature and will often exhibit poor ear carriage when being handled on the show table. Zola, The Holland Lop bunny. 32 likes. This is the story of a little holland lop girl named Zola ️.

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